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A nice gift!

Beautiful! They are well made and very nice fabric. They fit the recipient well and made a nice gift.

Review from Joanie

The experience was great except for one item. I keps trying to buy more than one more sock and the UI wouldn't let me do that. I want at leash 3 new socks and only came away with one.

Cool Stretchy Comfy Steteco Lounge Pants in a Gift Box | Night Cat Gathering

Turn Cuff Socks

These are my magical go to socks for everything cozy!!!

Very Comfortable

Very comfortable with a new design

CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks | Angora with Grips | Pearl Gray with White Crocheted Trim
Peajay (Bainbridge Island, US)
Toasty socks

Second pair of cherry stone socks. Best ever with skid proof bottoms.

CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks | Turn Cuff with Grips | Red with Cream Crocheted Trim


I like them. Sort of cushy.

CHERRYSTONE® Cuff Socks NO GRIPS | Turn Cuff | Grey with Crocheted Trim
Robin G. (Seattle, US)
Turn cuff grey bedsocks

These are so comfy to wear around the house. I wear them inside my slippers. They wash well in cool water via hand washing or in a lingerie bag inside the wash machine.

Great Product, so cute and comfortable!

cute little hedgehogs

These slipper socks are adorable. They fit well, are well-made, and are very comfortable in addition to having a cute hedgehog on the top.

It’s cute!

Love this head scarf! It’s colorful, soft and works great. I am thrilled to learn that it could also be used as a neck scarf!

CHERRYSTONE® Cuff Socks NO GRIPS | Turn Cuff | Grey with Crocheted Trim
AMBER (Portland, US)
Warm and Cozy

I bought the navy with red socks at a store in seattle and then searched online to find more because I love them so much. I wear them not as slippers but as socks in my rain boots and around the house inside of my slippers. I LOVE them. They are the PERFECT winter sock. If I were to wear them as slippers I would choose the ones with grips. Wish they had these in kids sizes because I’d love to buy some for my daughter too.

CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks | Turn Cuff with Grips | Navy


We love these cozy socks and give them to everyone as gifts!


Perfect fit and very comfortable

Silk Blend Toe Separator Cover | Solid Color
Barbara Ferrero (Seattle, US)

Silk Blend Toe Separator Cover | Solid Color

Almost perfect

It’s all good for warm weather. But not all is nearly perfect. It’s the sizes is the problem. This mask is medium or large size. But my head is XL sizes. I need to stretch to breathe when it comes to hot & stuffy area. It’s there any way to get me the XL size for my Neck Gaiter masks I ordered. Thanks.

Great socks

These are terrific socks. They’re soft,warm & well made. They last a long time even after months of use on hardwood floors.

So Cozy

My daughter gave me a pair of slipper socks as a gift. I immediately ordered her the Seattle limited edition as a thank you gift & another pair for myself. These are great to wear year round in the house, so cozy & comfortable. I’m ordering more to put aside for Christmas gifts.

CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks | Animal Designs | Sleeping Sheep and Shining Stars | Navy
C. L. (Seattle, US)
Favorite new slipper socks

Comfortable and lofty even after going through the washer/dryer many times. Great quality. The design is cute. I love wearing these around the house even though they don't have gripper dots on the underside.

Good fit!

These are the only masks my 3 year old wears without a fight! She can play outside in it just fine and doesn’t fall down her face like many of the others do.

My favorite socks

Very soft, lofty, warm wool slipper socks. Well made. I first bought these on a whim at a local shop. Liked them so much that I got rid of my big puffy insulated winter slippers and bought three more pairs in different colors.

Versatile item, rich colors

This is a really versatile item and design. The fabric is substantial with a nice weight and a soft fleece interior. The face/neck warmer piece on the inside stays close to your neck without being itchy or uncomfortable. I've worn it in the winter with heavy coats as well as in the spring and fall with lighter coats and it helps me stay comfortable in that awkward weather transition time. It's a good alternative to wearing beanies all the time. I had an all-black one but my dad liked it so much, I gave it to him. So here I am again, this time for the mustard one. The colors are rich and deep and I really like the combination of yellow, brown, and navy.

Refreshing Toe Separator Socks | Striped Pattern | Pink
Takako Reckinger (Bellevue, US)
Love this!

These socks make my feet great and after wearing them I can feel my feet relaxed.