CHERRYSTONE® brings you carefully selected quality items from Japan that enrich your everyday life.

Origin of our name: 'Hamaguri' is the Japanese word for a clam shell closely resembling the 'Cherrystone'. The stitch used on the popular Slipper Socks resembles the Cherrystone clam shell, hence the name 'CHERRYSTONE®!'

Through CHERRYSTONE®, we are able to provide our customers with innovative, stylish and functional products from Japan. We bring you an exciting new array of quality lifestyle products.  These products will include items in fashion, for the home and for travel.  Each carefully selected item will be tasteful to the eye and highly functional.

Our selection concept is:

  • Old meets New
  • Craftsmanship
  • Beautifully functional


However, because they are frequently used in everyday Japanese life, many of these products have become common are no longer seen as special. We discover and offer one of a kind items from Japan that are renovated and transformed to suit the new culture and lifestyles.

Our passion is to discover and deliver high quality, unique products from Japan to enrich people's life. For years, many beautifully unique, yet functional, products have been loved and treasured in Japan.