Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Socks

Casual, Light Weight, Itchy free


Meet our Premium Merino Wool Everyday Socks! You will be so amazed at how comfortable it is, it will become one of your favorite socks!  

Merino wool, which is a moisture-wicking material, keeps your feet dry all day long. Thanks to the natural characteristics of wool, these wool socks are so warm in the winter yet breathable in the summer. You can enjoy them all year round in various aspects of your daily life.  Simple design makes it easy to fit any style you want, and the beautiful color will become a nice accent to your outfit!


*Made from extra-fine Merino wool yarn that is super soft to the touch

*Suitable for various types of shoes

*Perfect companion for business or casual

*Warm yet breathable

*Thin, lightweight, and elastic high gauge

*Natural material that is gentle on your skin and itchy free

*Absorb moisture, anti-odor, and naturally anti-bacterial

*Shrink-resistant processed

*Wool is much more durable compared to cotton