Simple, Lightweight, Comfy

Get ready to experience comfort with our Premium Merino Wool Everyday Socks!

Crafted from moisture-wicking Merino wool, these socks keep your feet dry all day long. Their natural warmth in winter and breathability in summer make them perfect year-round companions for your daily life.

With their simple yet versatile design, they effortlessly complement any style you like, while the array of beautiful colors adds a delightful accent to your outfit!

Behind the Threads: The Birth of Our Extra Fine Merino Wool Everyday Socks for Women

Our mission is to enhance people's simple lives with comfortable, functional, and durable slipper socks, contributing to enriching their lives. We aim to deliver socks that truly provide comfort even when worn all day long.

Surrounded by the variety of women's socks available, we have set ourselves the challenging goal of creating socks that feature a simple design suitable for both fashion and footwear choices, are comfortable to wear anytime without the prickliness of wool, and offer quick-drying properties, making them ideal companions for travel.

Thanks to our production factory, considering the insights from women’s feedback, they  put efforts to creating socks with just the right thickness, cushioning, texture, size, and style.

There are numerous try and errors, our factory paid close attention to every detail. They applied cutting-edge technology not only to develop socks with 100% wool on the front thread but also to incorporate elastic polyurethane threads into the back thread, achieving a delicate balance of softness and cushioning.

Our factory paid attention to the knitting machines, ensuring they could produce thin and delicate fabrics to achieve the desired elasticity without being too tight or too loose. By utilizing New Zealand ultrafine merino wool, 17.5 microns, our wool socks offer a luxurious feel unmatched by synthetic fibers. This achievement was made possible through the use of high gauge fabric.

All the efforts have paid off, resulting in our super comfy Extra Fine Merino Wool Everyday Socks. This allows you to experience the softness of natural wool without any itching or discomfort. 

We recommend our Merino Wool everyday socks to many women with confidence.