Extra Fine Merino Wool Crew Socks

Casual, Light Weight, Itchy free

Meet our Premium Merino Wool Everyday Socks! You will be so amazed at how comfortable it is, it will become one of your favorite socks!  Merino wool, which is a moisture-wicking material, keeps your feet dry all day long. Thanks to the natural characteristics of wool, these wool socks are so warm in the winter yet breathable in the summer. You can enjoy them all year round in various aspects of your daily life.  Simple design makes it easy to fit any style you want, and the beautiful color will become a nice accent to your outfit!

How our premium Merino wool everyday socks were born.

We listened to what our customers wanted and used smart "design" to solve their needs. Considering the insights from women, we focused on creating socks with just the right thickness, cushioning, texture, size, and style. Our premium wool socks are the result.

Our wool socks are made with a special technique that ensures both quality and comfort.  We initially experimented with high-quality nylon socks, then applied that technology to develop socks with 100% wool on the front thread.

We paid careful attention to every detail, including not just the front thread, but also the back thread. Incorporating elastic polyurethane threads into the back thread, we achieved a delicate balance of softness and cushioning.

Finding elasticity without being too tight or too loose was crucial. We also paid attention to the knitting machines, ensuring they could produce thin and delicate fabrics. We aimed to express this with high gauge fabric.

Our goal was to create socks that blend fashion and function. Despite the challenges in adapting our nylon sock technology to wool, we persevered. Utilizing New Zealand ultrafine merino wool, 17.5 microns, our wool socks offer a luxurious feel unmatched by synthetic fibers.

We were meticulous in preserving the natural texture of wool, prioritizing its smoothness and premium feel. Our wool socks prioritize comfort above all else, allowing you to experience the softness of natural wool without any itching or discomfort.


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