CHERRYSTONE® Handcrafted Socks

Soft, Cozy, Comfy

Cozy ankle socks, timeless style, and expert Japanese handcrafted quality, all in one.   

These uniquely-styled ankle slipper socks have been widely used in everyday life in Japan, especially during the colder season.  

For most areas in Japan, the winter season is very cold, but most Japanese homes do not have central heating systems. Consequently, people use stoves or heaters to separately heat each room. Because the hallways do not get much heat, walking on flooring can be extra chilly. Furthermore, majority of people in Japan do not wear shoes inside their homes, making these slipper socks even more convenient and appreciated in the winter time!  Overall, these cozy, easy-to-wear socks have been very suitable for the Japanese lifestyle.

Each one of these socks have an embroidery pattern of triangles around the sock opening resembling the clam shell we call the cherrystone. Therefore, the distinctive style of CHERRYSTONE® was born with many colors and styles.

CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks still continue to bring people ease and comfort with consistent, high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship.

We are now happy to provide these traditional, cherished socks to people in the US with a variety of styles to suit everyday life in the west. With grips on the bottom, these socks can be worn as slippers while helping to prevent slipping on sleek flooring. You can even wear them with sandals to go outside!

Why CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks?

 Each one is handmade by a craftsman.


The embroidery pattern of triangles along the sock opening is done by a special sewing machine, which a craftsman uses to embroider each sock one by one. After embroidering with the sewing machine, the craftsman finishes the distinctive shell pattern by knitting the rest by hand.

They have comfortable inner pile fabric.

CHERRYSTONE® socks have longer loops of pile fabric yarn than normal socks. This provides more comfort and warmth than a traditional sock. The pile fabric also contains 40% wool, keeping your feet snug from the moment you put them on. 

We encourage you to collect different colors and designs to match with your lifestyle! Wear them barefoot or over socks and relax. They also make great items to keep for visiting guests or house-warming and holiday gifts. Once you and your loved-ones put them on, you'll fall in love with their undeniable soft, homey, and unique style.