Soft, Cozy, Comfy

Timeless style, and expert Japanese handcrafted quality, all in one.

Old Meets New

These unique socks have been widely embraced in the everyday life of Japan, especially during the chilly seasons. The somewhat nostalgic, comforting shape is very charming. Hand-crafted clamshell-like embroidery is gently applied to the opening of the socks. In the old days of Japan, when the feet were very cold and the rooms were not very warm, these socks were treasured for layering indoors over thin socks to keep the feet warm. These socks have existed in Japan for a long time, but their warmth and functionality have now been rediscovered, and they are now valued around the world as an alternative to slippers.


These super comfortable socks are unique with a special triangular embroidery pattern that resembles a cherrystone shell around the sock opening. This charming design not only adds style but also ensures a snug fit and maximum comfort. The distinctive triangle pattern is carefully finished one by one by skilled craftsmen using a special sewing machine (existing one of only a few in Japan). The finishing touch is added by hand-knitting, demonstrating the precise craftsmanship that goes into every pair.


CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks consistently provide wearability and comfort through high-quality materials. These socks feature longer loops of pile fabric yarn on the inside, offering a plush and cozy feel.  You will be surprised by the fluffy cushioning. The wool blend material not only provides excellent breathability but also maintains a comfortable temperature, so you'll be happy to wear them from the moment you put them on.

Beautifully Functional

CHERRYSTONE® offers a variety of colors and designs, allowing you to personalize your style! Wear them barefoot or layered over socks for ultimate relaxation. Equipped with functional grips on the soles, they can be used as slippers, providing firm footing even on slippery flooring. Additionally, they pair well with sandals, making them a great choice for outdoor wear!

Life Simplified

These slipper socks not only provide fun for your feet but also serve a variety of purposes to simplify your daily life. Available in a variety of colors and designs, they can easily blend into a variety of activities. Whether worn barefoot or layered over socks, indoors or outdoors, they provide comfort and stability. Perfect as gifts for housewarmings, holidays, or any special occasion, CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks offer a distinct softness and unique style that will make you and your loved ones fall in love with them!