Our Story (OLD)

Here at CHERRYSTONE®, we bring you quality, lifestyle items that enrich your everyday life.

It’s important to us to recognize the wisdom and excellent craftsmanship from generations prior that has been passed down to us, as the newer generations, and integrated into our daily lives.  Such precious ideas and items should not be lost, but instead should continue to be treasured for years to come.

All the items we bring you have these 5 important elements in common:

  •  Old meets New
  •  Craftsmanship
  •  Beautifully functional
  •  Comfortable
  •  Life Simplified


Our signature product, CHERRYSTONE® Slipper Socks have a unique hand-sewn cuff. Japanese craftsmen use a needle to add these finishing touches to one sock at a time. The cuff’s finished embroidery shape resembles a cherrystone clam shell.

This excellent craftsmanship impresses you with the feeling of preciousness, like you’ve found a unique, treasured shell at the beach that you’d want to keep for years to come. The “CHERRYSTONE®” brand was born from this idea.

With their unique design and grips on the sole, these socks have been loved and appreciated by women, men and children for generations. They are exceptionally cozy and soft. We believe they’re the most comfortable of their kind. Once you try these handcrafted socks, your feet won’t forget them!

We strive to introduce many more unique, quality, beautiful & functional products to you to enrich and simplify your life.