Recycled Wool-Blend Knit Beanie for Adults and Kids

The beanie-like shape hugs the head nicely and the simple design makes it easy to wear for any occasion with its cute, sporty, and outdoorsy look! 


We used recycled wool blended with recycled polyester for our beanies.  The special yarn that is made from recycled clothes, threads, and plastic bottles contributes to the disposal problem and is environmentally friendly. 

Our beanie is so soft and lightweight giving comfort the minute you put it on, and simple designs are gender-neutral and timeless so you can wear them for years to come.  Also, we have these in both kid and adult sizes, so get ready to match! Enjoy our three wonderful colors: Off-white, light gray, and charcoal-gray!  

Craftsmen in Japan make each one with care.  Made in Japan with recycled materials at our facility powered by 100% renewable energy!


  • Environment-Friendly Material
  • Zero Waste Knitting
  • Gender-Neutral
  • Beyond Generations
  • All-time Favorite

It comes with a free organic cotton reusable bag.