Cool, Stretchy, Comfy
SUZUMU Loungewear - Inspired by Traditional Japanese Steteco Pants

Our loungewear trace their roots back to traditional Japanese-style clothing, known as Steteco. Crafted from a cool, dry-touch fabric, these pants have been cherished since the times when air conditioners were non-existent during hot and humid summers in Japan. 

We named our loungewear "Suzumu", which is in Japanese refers to seeking relief from the heat by exposing oneself to the wind or finding a cool place. Their versatility makes them the perfect choice for a comfortable casual look or sleepwear!


Old meets New

Steteco pants were invented in the late 1800s to be worn widely under kimonos and hakamas. Even as European-style clothing became mainstream, Steteco has adapted as casual home wear during Japan's hot summer months. Designed based on traditional Japanese patterns and colors, Steteco pants incorporate light and dry-touch fabrics that have been cherished in Japan for a long time. They have evolved to complement a variety of clothing, making them suitable for modern life.


Our SUZUMU loungewear is crafted from Takashima Chijimi, a textile that uses strongly twisted threads to create an uneven drawstring, ensuring a comfortable fit. Creating Chijimi textile demands a high level of expertise. What sets Takashima Chijimi apart is its use of threads twisted more than twice the common cotton threads, resulting in an uneven surface known as "Shibo," achieved by harnessing the untwisting force of wefts. Through this weaving technique, the fabric gains an irregular surface, preventing it from sticking to your skin and providing a comfortable sensation. Due to the fabric's inherent qualities, it stretches well and dries quickly. 


The airy, smooth, and lightweight fabric is perfect for hot summer relaxation! These stylish pants are crafted from a unique material that doesn't cling to your skin, ensuring extreme comfort. They boast excellent stretch and quick-drying properties, making them convenient and easy to move in. Fashioned from breathable 100% cotton, this naturally sweat-wicking fabric is gentle on the skin, making it ideal for all-day wear. Whether you're unwinding at home, enjoying the weekend, or starting your day fresh, these pants epitomize essential comfort.


Life Simplified 

Step into SUZUMU loungewear - lightweight, breathable, and stretchable pants and shirt so comfortable that you'll forget you're wearing them. Whether you're relaxing at home, or using them as comfy pajamas for a restful night's sleep on hot days, SUZUMU loungewear effortlessly fits into your lifestyle. They are incredibly versatile, making them a lifestyle choice that simplifies your daily routine. Once you experience SUZUMU loungewear's ease of use and adaptability, you'll be amazed at how it brings simplicity to so many different aspects of your life with just one pair and shirt. SUZUMU stands as a testament to the power of simplicity, effortlessly enhancing your comfort and simplifying your life!"



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