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Cool, Stretchy, Comfy

Steteco - Inspired by Traditional Japanese Pants
Steteco pants originally came from traditional Japanese-style clothes. A cool, dry-touch fabric that has been loved for a long time since those days when there was no air conditioner in the hot and humid summers in Japan. They are so versatile and will become your favorite comfortable item to wear for a casual look, activewear, or sleepwear!
Old meets New
Steteco pants were invented in the Meiji era (1868 to 1912) to wear under a kimono or hakama. Even after European-style clothes became mainstream, Steteco was adjusted as casual home wear during the hot summer season in Japan. The design of Steteco pants was based on traditional Japanese patterns and colors. The lightweight and dry-touch fabric have been beloved for a long time in Japan and are developed to match many types of clothes by adjusting to modern life.
Environmentally Friendly 
Steteco pants are made of Takashima Chijimi, which uses sustainable natural materials produced in the Takashima town in Japan. The Chijimi fabric uses the local cotton plants grown with care in the region near Lake Biwa, which is the biggest lake in Japan. With an abundant natural water source in the production area, they produce the fabric by using the local water, which comes from the underground water and the river that flows into Lake Biwa. By using naturally breathable material, this is our way of being helpful to our environment, while also feeling comfortable throughout the hot summer!
Chijimi is a textile that uses strongly twisted threads to create an uneven drawstring and provides a comfortable and adjustable fit.

Takashima Chijimi is very unique because it uses threads twisted more than twice the common cotton threads, and it creates an uneven surface called "Shibo" by utilizing the untwisting force of wefts. With this particular type of weaving method, the fabric has an uneven surface and in doing so, will not stick to your skin. By the nature of the fabric, it stretches really well and dries quickly. A highly experienced skill is required to create the Chijimi textile! 
Beautifully functional
The airy, smooth, and lightweight fabric is perfect for hot summer relaxation! A wide elastic waistband with a drawstring provides a comfortable and adjustable fit. There are many different types of patterns and colors that can fit your style. Pair with any tops for your favorite look!

 Life Simplified 
It is super lightweight and stretchable, you will almost forget you are wearing it.   Steteco pants are easy ways to simplify your life. You can use it as casual wear for working from home, taking your dog for a walk, and shopping at the neighborhood grocery store. These are simple and easy homewear for pleasant weekends and very relaxing pajamas for a better night's sleep. You will be amazed at the versatility of Steteco!
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