Upgrade your living space with up-cycled fabric planters. Artfully designed, this practical planter décor is the perfect extra touch for the plant lover.


An Up-cycled Product

Up-cycling is a form of sustainable manufacturing and slow fashion and home goods. Instead of allowing used materials to go to waste, recycled material is reused to make a new product. Unlike conventional recycling, up-cycled products are designed with the goal of creating something with a higher value than the original products.

An organic and sustainable lifestyle is a priority to us.

The Process of Designing a Planter that Uses Recycled Carpet

  • Carpets that have been used only once in large exhibition halls in Japan are cleaned and taken to be reused for our planters.

  • Then, a functional, artfully designed product is made with this up-cycled carpet by craftsmen in Japan.

  • The result is stylish, unconventional planters with extremely durable and breathable felt-like material.


Handling Instructions

For Tulip Bucket, Drawstring Bucket, Purse Bucket and Pea Pod Styles

  • Easily add an already potted plant by placing it in the planter. Remove potted plant to water.
  • Or this planter can be used by putting soil directly inside. If you want to use soil, please note the following points:
    • Due to the structural characteristics of the built-in PVC sheet, there are no holes on the bottom for drainage.
    • When adding dirt, use a small or thin trowel to avoid getting too much dirt on the carpet.
    • Please be careful not to water too much to prevent root rot and water leakage. Also, to avoid the surface of the planter from getting wet, please pour water as close to the center of the planter as possible.


For Hanging Tulip

  • Easily add an already potted plant by placing it in the fabric planter. Remove potted plant to water or water directly in the planter. Water will drain through the opening at the bottom.
  • This planter cannot be used by putting soil inside because of the drainage hole at the bottom. It also does not include a PVC lining like the other styles.



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