~Hello from Kyoto, Japan~

Cat Shaped Mirrors

kitekite produces high-quality products with a fun and practical approach, using bright, playful and sometimes bold prints. All of these are made by craftsmen in Kyoto, the most historically famous city in Japan.

kitekite Craftsman

This brand fuses traditional Japanese techniques passed down from generations to generations for hundreds of years, with modern styles of graphics and textile designs. kitekite continues to pursue various ways to merge the traditional culture with modern style trends to create the new Kyoto style fashion. 

The Tenugui and cotton handkerchief by KiteKite are excellent for people wanting to reduce their carbon footprint or reduce overall waste. 100% cotton, washable, and environmentally friendly, you can take a step toward a more eco-friendly, zero-waste lifestyle.

In the US, it’s common to use a handkerchief to blow your nose. However, in Japan, it has completely different everyday uses. There, using it for personal use, such as for drying hands after washing hands, cleaning your face or washing off sweat is just the beginning.  Centuries ago, paper was very valuable and expensive so it was not a common resource for the average Japanese citizen to have.  As a result, the Tenugui and handkerchief culture grew in Japan and 100% cotton cloth was a widely used household item for cleaning and personal use, gifting, and wrapping meals and snacks. For students, it’s actually a requirement for each student to bring their own handkerchief when they go to school!

In Japan, there is a unique and prevalent gift-giving culture to show appreciation. So the fact that the price range and size of handkerchiefs are perfect for gifting is a big reason why it became so popular in Japan. 

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