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Father's day is fast approaching and we want to show you our favorite gift ideas for dad!

  1. Fit & Healthy Socks- These athletic socks are great for the active dad and come in multiple colors. No show socks are a great addition to your dad’s wardrobe this summer. We highly recommend for sneakers or even a business casual look.
  2. 5 Toes Socks- These are another great pair of socks for an active dad. Toe socks help prevent blisters and can help keep your toes aligned. Great for runners, walkers or any other kind of movers.
  3. Zippered Toiletry Pouch- Best for dads who travel often! This pouch is easy to throw in a suitcase for all the little things he needs to pack. This very high-quality cosmetic pouch has a Japanese traditional pattern in textured navy and white fabric. One zipper in the middle opens the bag into a structured rectangle, thanks to the strong wire at the opening. It is lined with nylon and has one side pocket.
  4. Hamaguri Slipper Socks with Grips- These Hamaguri Slipper Socks are hand-embroidered by craftsmen and have been a best seller in Japan for over 60 years. They're unique and have a wide range of color options and make you comfortable and warm. Their soles are covered with grips, which help prevent you from slipping on the floor.
  5. 2 in 1 Reversible Socks- These reversible socks are a simple decision for dad! These ankle socks can be turned inside out and worn with a completely new pattern. Dad can easily coordinate his outfit with two options in one pair of socks. Both sides are sewn with detail and precision. Make an easy gift choice and choose these reversible socks which are offered in several different pattern and color combinations. Dad doesn’t have to settle for one pair of socks.
  6. Open Sole Socks- Summer socks made easy, these open sole socks won’t slip off under dad’s sneakers. The unique design of the open sole makes sure of that. This is something dad certainly doesn’t have yet!
  7. Fit & Low for Sneakers- Give dad some style this summer! These lightweight, no show socks are a good options for a “sock-less” look. The natural color and low cut design makes these hide well under dress shoes or sneakers.
  8. Cotton Coaster with traditional Japanese beads pattern- Gentle on glasses and easy to store, these square fabric coasters are handcrafted by craftsmen in Kyoto, Japan. Dad cam set these out for a soft landing for his drinks. The traditional Japanese bead pattern is both bold and sophisticated.  Mix and match different patterns or buy a matching set! Sold individually.




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100 reviews
The Very Best Slipper Socks

These are the best slipper socks I have found yet! Thick ,warm, cozy with no itch! They’re well made and take a beating all winter on hard wood floors. They wash well in a lingerie bag. Just hang to dry & they’ll last a whole year before showing wear.

Best Gifts w/ Super Fast Shipping

These socks are so cozy and make fantastic gifts. I’ve never been one to be excited about socks, but then a friend showed me these in a shop and I was sold.
Super fast shipping was appreciated as well.
Treat yo self!

Great Socks!

Hello Cherrystone!

I purchased a pair of your new Charcoal Slipper Socks with Angora and grips for my sister. She had purchased a pair for herself a few months back and loves them. They wash up really well and feel wonderful on the feet. They are great! I will definitely be ordering more :) Happy New Year!

D. Kahalekulu

Love them!

Love these. Quality is great. Soft inside. My feet are always cold....not anymore. I could live in these. Bought myself 2 pairs and another 2 pairs for my teen daughter. She loves them too. Thank you.

Great slippers for lounging at home,
especially on wood floors. Fun
colors and very easy to take care of