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Introducing the Multi-functional Adventure Gaiter 

    Quick-Dry, Cooling, Etiquette Mask With Ear loops, and Turban

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If you're looking for the perfect accessory to take along for all adventures, big or small, this one is it! Start with it on our neck and then use the ear loops to secure on your face to use as an etiquette mask when you're around crowds.  It'll also keep you cool if hiking, jogging or walking. Just keep it on your neck or pull it up over your head as a turban.

This graphic explains it all!


The Quick Dry Cooling Unisex Neck Gaiter Face Mask with Ear Loops offers style and light protection from the elements. It's easy to take with you anywhere you go and is perfect for any outdoor activities and sports.   Gentle, cooling fabric drapes calmly on your neck.  Use the ear loops to secure  the scarf across your face while in public.  Check out all 5 color options for endless style possibilities. 

It's designed and made in Japan. 

  • Excellent for outdoor activities such as walking and jogging.
  • Dry Touch Face Mask
  • Skin Cooling Fabric
  • Stretches 4 ways
  • Quick Dry
  • Highly Absorbent
  • All Gender
  • For Fashion Use, Sports, and an Etiquette Mask
  • UPF Rating of 50+
  • Easy to wash

Also check out this quick demo on the CHERRYSTONE Instagram. There's so many possibilities with this accessory, you won't be disappointed.


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