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Sometimes it just takes forever to fall asleep.  We’ve all been there.  Some nights we’ll have the best intentions to go to bed early but when we get there, sleep just won’t happen!  Or, we’ll go to bed late wishing sleep would happen quickly so we don’t waste any more time.  Well, what do YOU do?  Do you have a favorite thing to do before bed to help you relax? Or do you have a trusted bedtime ritual you start an hour before you want to fall asleep?  Could it be soothing music? Gentle yoga? Warm bath? Hot shower? Lavender essential oils? A massage? Whatever it is, you have to find what works for you! Sleep is important and consistently getting adequate sleep can have a positive impact on your health.

In our busy, and often fast-paced lives, we sometimes forget to relax and then bedtime hits and we’re not prepared.  It might take us a long time to fall asleep or we may not sleep soundly, leaving us exhausted by morning.

We found this helpful assessment on web MD.  If you want to see how your daily habits play a role in your sleep quality at night, this assessment is really interesting:

One way to support good sleep habits is by taking care of your feet. You may already have a bedtime routine but here’s a few things to use to add to yours!

  1. Compression socks - There are many known benefits of compression socks and one is to increase blood circulation. By increasing blood flow they can help reduce swelling and increase comfort. While they shouldn’t be worn while sleeping, they can be worn right before bedtime.

Here’s a couple with light compression we’d suggest:

Find compression socks here

  1. Toe separator socks - Believe it or not, separating your toes helps you relax! Separating the toes, increases blood flow in your feet.  Once you put a pair of these on, you’ll immediately feel yourself relaxing. Don't be surprised if you start to feel sleepy right away! These are not meant to sleep in but can also be worn right before bed.


Find toe separator socks here

  1. Super-Soft Bedtime Angora - These super soft, made-in-Japan, socks are made to be worn to bed! If your feet sometimes get too cold at night, these can really help to relax. Soft angora blend fabric, in a light-weight material, make these easy to wear all night. Or if you prefer, wear them to bed and slip them off later.  The slouchy, and slightly loose fit make it easy to do that.


Look, we're certainly no sleep medical experts but we've tried all these and know they help us fall asleep faster! But, whatever you choose to use for your bedtime routine, it's good to stay relaxed and stay consistent.  Better sleep = better health!


Essential oils image by Kit Lee found on 

Sleep well tonight!




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